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Think of Illinois Lighting as a National Lighting Distributor

Illinois Lighting is a prominent provider of commercial construction electrical design and installation services, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in the state.

Specializing in providing high-quality and energy-efficient lighting solutions, the company caters to various industries, including retail, hospitality, offices, and more. Illinois Lighting is committed to staying at the forefront of lighting technology, ensuring that clients have access to the latest innovations in both lighting fixtures and control systems.

High Efficiency LED Lighting

The product range from Illinois Lighting includes a wide variety of lighting fixtures, ranging from decorative and architectural lighting to functional and task-oriented solutions. Whether clients are looking for ambient lighting to enhance the overall atmosphere or task lighting for specific workspaces, Illinois Lighting provides a comprehensive selection to suit diverse aesthetic and functional requirements. The company collaborates with reputable manufacturers to source top-notch lighting products, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Lighting Controls & Automation Systems

In addition to lighting fixtures, Illinois Lighting excels in offering advanced lighting control systems. These systems provide businesses with the flexibility to customize and manage their lighting environment efficiently. Whether it's adjusting brightness levels, setting schedules, or implementing sensor-based controls for energy conservation, the company's lighting control supply services empower clients to create environments that align with their operational needs and sustainability goals.

Lighting and Lighting Control Supply Services from Illinois Lighting

  • Wide Range of Lighting Fixtures
    Offering a diverse selection of lighting fixtures, including decorative, architectural, ambient, and task lighting.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions
    Providing lighting products designed for energy efficiency, helping businesses reduce operational costs.
  • Collaboration with Reputable Manufacturers
    Sourcing products from trusted manufacturers to ensure quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Advanced Lighting Control Systems
    Supplying cutting-edge lighting control systems for customized management of lighting environments.
  • Customized Solutions
    Tailoring lighting and control solutions to meet the unique requirements of different commercial establishments.
  • Sustainable Lighting Options
    Offering environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting options to support clients' green initiatives.
  • Professional Consultation
    Providing expert consultation to help clients choose the most suitable lighting and control solutions for their specific needs. existing commercial properties to meet modern standards and improve efficiency.

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