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Illinois Lighting & Electrical Distributors supplying LED Interior Lighting Products and Fixtures  

LED Indoor

Illinois Lighting & Electrical Distributors supplies Outdoor LED Lighting Products and Maintenance for replacing LED Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Bulbs, for Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures and Outdoor LED Lighting Maintenance Services including Outdoor LED Lighting.

LED Outdoor

Illinois Lighting & Electrical Distributors supplying LED High Bay Lighting Products

LED High Bay


Illinois Lighting has been the go-to resource for energy-saving lighting since 1999. We carry a full assortment of LED lighting solutions, LED light bulbs, LED fixtures, ballasts, CFL’s, halogens, spot/flood Lights, flashlight bulbs, fluorescent tubes, HID lamps, miniature lamps, and more products from trusted brand names:

Cree LED Lighting and Fixtures  Philips Lighting LED Lighting and FixturesUniversal Lighting Technologies LED Lighting and Fixtures Lithonia Lighting LED Lighting and FixturesGE LED Lighting and Fixtures

Here at Illinois Lighting, we strive to provide light to projects of all scopes, always promoting performance and beauty. We want to make sure you can take full advantage of one of the most highly regarded lighting resources in the industry. We are a dedicated team of lighting professionals. We’re here to help you design efficient and effective lighting solutions. Our dedicated and careful approach provided to our customers guarantees that we can provide the products you need, in a time when every dollar saved matters. Call Illinois Lighting at 630–844–5060 for all of your Industrial/Commercial, and Lighting needs today!

Illinois Lighting & Electrical Distributor of LED Lighting Products and Maintenance for replacing LED Lighting

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