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Commercial Electrical Services for Illinois and Nationwide Customers

Since 1999, Illinois Lighting and Electrical Distributor has been a reliable source for electrical and lighting distribution around the midwest.

Here at Illinois Lighting & Electrical Distribution, we are an independent Electrical and Lighting Distributor located in North Aurora Illinois.

Illinois Lighting has accomplished a remarkable amount of growth over the last few years. President of Illinois Lighting, John Machay Sr. credited the growth to his staff’s relentless work ethic to provide the quality of customer service to be able to fulfill and exceed our customer’s desires and expectations. One thing that will never change is the Illinois Lighting commitment to providing quality customer service.

This has resulted in a loyal customer base that has continued to come back over the years. Our dedication to providing friendly and dependable customer service is a cornerstone to our success. The Illinois Lighting staff is made up of highly trained and highly skilled experts who are thoroughly committed to working with customers. If a problem comes their way, they are devoted to use their team approach collaboratively to needed to fix it. All of them are committed to fit your desires and ensure deadlines are met and costs are kept under control.

We do not receive all of our products from one supplier, so that places us in the prime position possible to deliver the products and supplies that best fit your unique challenge. Our network of our distribution centers provides for a prompt and efficient delivery. Our expert lighting designers are able to create visually attractive, comfortable, and effective lighting solutions for any of our valued customers.

Our Mission

Here at Illinois Lighting, we strive to deliver all of your Industrial/Commercial, and lighting products, supplies, and solutions through our expertly skilled professionals, who are dedicated to fulfilling the customer’s needs.

Why Do So Many Customers Choose Illinois Lighting?

Quality of customer service and products is everything to us at Illinois Lighting and we pledge to always go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

The Illinois Lighting staff is made up of experts that are highly trained and thoroughly enjoy working with customers. If a problem comes up that proves to be more difficult than normal, they use their team approach collaboratively to get the help needed to fix it. We can manage any problem, big or small, regardless of the difficulty of your requirements.

The services that Illinois Lighting provides are completed efficiently and on schedule with results that will exceed your expectations.

Call Illinois Lighting for a FREE estimate and to have our customer service professionals answer any questions that you may have. Our careful approach to customer relations guarantees that we can provide the services you need, and, in a time when every dollar saved matters.

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